Driving Data-Driven Actions

We pioneer data-driven actions for brand managers to communication strategists using social data. Our meticulous and unique approach of Analyze-Capture-Influence has transformed millions of lives. 

Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves

Tim Berners - inventor of the World Wide Web.

Sentiment Drives Our Behaviour

Mass self-communication within social media bubbles cause rapid changes in behaviour based on what we perceive. The strongest link between perception and behaviour is sentiment.

A data-driven communications journey begins here

Our data-driven framework is proven to better manage reputation risks, optimize campaign resources, improving customer experience, execute micro-targeted campaigns and operational improvements.

Extraordinary results can be delivered using our unique 3-pronged approach: Analyze>Capture>Influence

Listen & Analyze

Our proprietary text algorithms allow you to measure sentiment and emotions more accurately. Discover more insights that are relevant to your brand / organization with our unique approach.

Capture & Captivate

Capture and captive your target audience by understanding trends and nuances. Develop better narratives and highly engaging content through a data-driven approach.

Influence & Deliver

Persuade your target audience to take actions and increase brand affinity over the short and longer period. We deploy cognitive psychology framework and neuro-science to make it happen.

Technology is an enabler.
And it stays that way.

Technology is just one part of the equation to deliver actionable insights. The best insights are derived from combining the best of technology, people and processes. 

Discover Extraordinary Values

Extraordinary Science

Our team of experts deploy scientific methodologies and approaches to drive superior insights. We do not rely on a single technology (software) to perform such tasks.  

Extraordinary Insights

Declutter your data and focus on datasets that matter to your expected end results. Dashboards are merely tools. Learn how you can transform data and information into actionable insights.  

Extraordinary Results

Results can only be achieved if you have clear objectives from the start. We help you crystalize that and focus on delivering results that are impactful. Start measuring the right output KPIs.

Achieving results
for brands & organizations

Some of our past and present experience. 

Data. Information. Insights

Actions are derived from actionable insights. Understand how we drive the most value from data.


Social media raw data is generally filled with noise and does not give the insights that you need. We eliminate noise and errors from your data.

Data-Driven Decision


Information that you view on softwares or dashboards (in the form of charts,etc) is based on processed data.  But are these data clean and accurate?

Data-Driven Decision


Insights are derived from processed data based on multiple viewpoints. Data tells a story. Avoid pitfalls from relying on hard numbers. Observe new trends and matrices.

Data-Driven Decision
Very High

Transforming Data Into Actionable Insights

Our goal is to turn data into information, and information into insights. Coupled with experience working for more than 100 brands, partners and corporations, our unbiased insights and data-driven campaigns provide you the right tools that you need to gain that competitive edge.

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Ideas are always free.

We believe that great ideas come in many forms. Regardless of your business, marketing or communication objectives, there are values to be unlocked when you begin with the right steps.

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