Case Study

Predicting Consumer Behaviour

Will customers purchase

my product in the future?

Predict consumer confidence about your product using social analytics. Use other predictors such as historical sales data and macro economic indicators to enhance your predictions.

Use Social Data to Predict Consumer Confidence

We have unlocked the power of social analytics to predict consumer purchasing behaviour and confidence. Combined with other leading indicators such as sales data and economic indicators, we can measure the consumer confidence index of a brand, product or the state of the economy of a country.


Social Data


unique users



Monitor consumer behaviour and spending appetite.
This case study was performed in a Southeast Asian country with a large set of sample size. Social analytics showed the stronger intention to purchase (or spend) compared to the weak trend of those who will not purchase due to various reasons (e.g.: escalating cost of living, etc.).
The approach.
The consumer behaviour insights using social data allow companies to plan and deploy timely campaigns or product launches. This results in significant savings and resource optimisation. Intelligence gathering using social data is accessible to many high performing companies and organisations.