Sentiment Analytics

Language shapes the way we think.

How we use language to communicate affects our daily lives. But it also brings insights to people’s behavior, preferences and inner motivations. 

75% of the global internet users use their native language.

Measure Sentiment Accurately From Social Data

The traditional sentiment analysis using Natural Language Processing (NLP) method has its limitations. We employ the Machine Learning Method that processes unique keywords including dialects and multi-language that exist in a single sentence and many other peculiar cases that cannot be processed by NLP.

Our level of sentiment accuracy is up to 100%. This figure is supported by years of scientific research (and white papers) in Machine Learning processing of a large volume of social data.

Sentiment accuracy from tools is between 30% to 60%

Dr. Mark Cieliebak - ZHAW School of Engineering Forschungsschwerpunkt Software Systems

Higher Sentiment Accuracy.
Better Decisions

Sentiment from social media data can be measured more accurately using our proprietary Machine Learning text algorithm engine SENTIROBO®. Developed to understand local dialects in multiple languages, we have built years of non-dictionary keywords to reflect better sentiment up to 100% accuracy.

Before Data Cleaning
& Sentiment Processing

Sentiment Accuracy

After Data Cleaning
& Sentiment Processing

Sentiment Accuracy

Data Preparation

Social media is generally filled with noise, unless you apply the right keywords to extract the relevant data. We prepare the relevant keywords and clean the raw data to eliminate noise and errors. Data preparation is crucial at this stage to determine quality output from your insights. 



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Data Processing

We apply bespoke techniques to mine social media data from multiple platforms. Using our proprietary sentiment text algorithm engine, SENTIROBO®, we cut down processing time with greater sentiment accuracy as keywords are updated regularly by our analysts. This minimizes the data error rate significantly. 



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Actionable Insights

Actionable insights are best derived from clean data and with industry or domain experience. We apply another round of data processing and quality audit on our processed data. Our end output consists of an analysis report that is designed for top management and C-suites. Now you can make better decisions.



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Gain More With
Superior Insights.

We cut downtime for you to deliver actionable insights from social media data. Improve your efficiency, accuracy and reduce capital expenditure through our unique monitoring services.

Discover new depth. Analyze user sentiment.

Measure Net Sentiment Score of an individual social media user account with higher sentiment accuracy. Unlock more valuable insights and start identifying brand advocates and believers based on long term trends.

Sentiment Analytics Engine

Behind our output lies SENTIROBO®, our proprietary language-independent sentiment analysis engine with machine learning technology. This offers higher accuracy which leads to better insights for organizations. The engine is customizable to process data in any language including local dialects and other non-dictionary based keywords.

Higher accuracy in predicting sentiment will ultimately lead to better decisions to solve business challenges in organizations. Accurate measurement of sentiment can drive and guide organizations toward making operational improvements and reaching communication goals.

Case Study - Public Sentiment on COVID19

COVID19 impacts the way the global economy and the manner we live. With stringent movement controls and other containment strategies, our team were engaged to understand the public sentiment based on large scale social media datasets across multiple platforms. The engagement involves millions of social media data based on thousands of positive and negative keywords developed for this topic.

Measure the net sentiment score and gain more insights

Sentiment analytics using SENTIROBO® was deployed to measure net sentiment scores for each user against the total number of posts posted by the same user. This approach provides better insights into the polarity of opinions between social media users.

Manage reputation risks with regular monitoring and analysis

Through regular monitoring (i.e daily, weekly, monthly), a crisis can be contained and minimized. Our unique approach allows companies to predict the future or turn a crisis into an opportunity. We combine people, process and technology to achieve that.


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Need better insights?

As communications in the digital world are getting more complex with millions of conversation in social platforms,  there are values to be unlocked when you begin with the right steps. We uncover more insights than your conventional tools or existing processes.

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