Social Media Monitoring Services

Listen and Analyze

Understand your consumer needs and track their behaviour. Actionable insights can be found from proactive social media monitoring and data analytics.

Gain More from Social Media Monitoring

Discover the benefits of our social media monitoring managed-services. We unlock more from Technology, Process and People. 

Clean Data
& Higher Accuracy

Clean data (from social media) is crucial in getting the best insights and reduce errors in decision-making. We extract and clean your datasets coupled with proprietary text algorithms.

Bespoke Analysis
& Customized Reports

Avoid presenting vanity matrices and focus on analysis that matters to decision-makers. Our management-ready reports are based on years of consulting experience with C-suite and top leaders. 

Accelerating Insights
to Actions

Accelerate your actions from actionable insights. Our team of domain experts brings greater depth and context to your analysis. Include recommendations to crystalize your action plans.

Move Away From Tool-Based Approach. Gain More Insights From Social Media Monitoring Services

Are you getting the best from your social media monitoring tools?  Find out how you can gain more insights from social data by combining the best of technology, people and process. Understand customer needs, sentiment and behaviour.

Extract. Process. Analyze

Discover superior insights from our unique approach to monitoring your social media brands, products and services.

Data Extraction

Social media is generally filled with noise, unless you apply the right keywords to extract the relevant data. We prepare the relevant keywords and clean the raw data to eliminate noise and errors. Data preparation is crucial at this stage to determine quality output from your insights. 



Data error
Sentiment Accuracy

Data Processing

We apply bespoke techniques to mine social media data from multiple platforms. Using our proprietary sentiment text algorithm engine, SENTIROBO®, we cut down processing time with greater sentiment accuracy as keywords are updated regularly by our analysts. This minimizes the data error rate significantly. 



Data error
Sentiment Accuracy

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights are best derived from clean data and with industry or domain experience. We apply another round of data processing and quality audit on our processed data. Our end output consists of an analysis report that is designed for top management and C-suites. Now you can make better decisions.



Data error
Sentiment Accuracy

Get More Insights From Social Media Monitoring.
Measure Sentiment & Emotions.

Emotions are the single biggest determinant of human behaviour. 90% of our decisions are subconscious (emotional). Our emotion analytics and predictive sentiment engine allows you to measure sentiment or emotions more accurately. You can do more with your social data using the right data science.

Discover more value from social media monitoring

Our value-driven package provide distinct advantages to companies wanting to achieve the best from social media monitoring and analytics.

Unlimited Data Volume

Monitor and analyze unlimited social media data without having to worry about data quota and volume of mentions. All inclusive social media monitoring solution for you.

Verified Clean Data

Reduce data error rate by up to 0%. We clean and remove unwanted social media data in order to gain better insights from higher sentiment accuracy. Gain more from a clean set of data.

Wide Coverage

We monitor more than 8 social media and online media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, mainstream news, news aggregator, Youtube comments, etc. Get more insights from multiple platforms.

Domain Experience

We discover better insights and recommendations from our team of analysts with a combined experience of more than 30 years. The best domain insights from social media monitoring come with experience.

Fast Turnaround Time

Social media monitoring requires a team of dedicated analysts who understands the need to act fast in a crisis situation. We provide real-time monitoring tool and fast turnaround time for ad-hoc crisis monitoring and our deliverables.

Customizable & Actionable Reports

Our customizable reports mean we can integrate seamlessly into your existing organization reporting structure. Choose unlimited templates for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly social media monitoring reports.

billion internet users

75% of the global internet users are communicating in their native language. Discover more insights by understanding local dialects and slangs. 

Everyone speaks differently

Our data-driven approach to social media monitoring delivers more actionable insights by analyzing dialects, slangs and sarcasm. Obtain more meaningful insights compared to an automated tool-based approach. Unlock more value to your business.

Sentiment Analytics Engine

We utilize SENTIROBO® in our social media monitoring, a proprietary language-independent text algorithm engine with machine learning technology. Higher sentiment accuracy leads to better insights and decisions for decision-makers or campaign managers.

Our text algorithm engine is customizable to process data in any language including local dialects and other non-dictionary based keywords.

Emotions Analytics Engine

Our proprietary text engine algorithm  EMOROBO® provides more depth to sentiment by analyzing emotion that shapes our behaviour. Measure Joy, Love, Surprise, Fear, Anger and Sadness and gain better insights from your social media monitoring activities. Understand emotional drivers behind specific actions or behaviors to better target your audience.

Our text algorithm engine is customizable to process data in any language including local dialects and other non-dictionary based keywords.

Transforming Data Into Actionable Insights

Our goal is to turn data into information, and information into insights. Coupled with experience working for more than 100 brands, partners and corporations, our unbiased insights provide you the right tools that you need to gain that competitive edge.

Need better insights?

As communications in the digital world are getting more complex with millions of conversation in social platforms,  there are values to be unlocked when you begin with the right steps. We uncover more insights than your conventional tools or existing processes.

Drop us a note and we are more than happy to assist.