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Accelerating Insights To Action

If data is the new oil, refining the crude oil into a valuable commodity is akin to developing actionable insights that are valuable to decision makers and campaign managers.

But imagine if we can accelerate that process so that you can use the data (or “oil”) to get you from point A to point B, or more importantly, to achieve your goals?

Our combination of technology, people and process accelerate insights to action from social media data.

Categories of Insights

Our combined consulting experience of more than 30 years brings unparalleled insights, and potential foresights – starting from a clean set of data that is exhaustively scrutinized by our analysts.

With our domain and industry experts, we perform contextual analysis and draw parallels to bring better perspective – adding more value to top decision makers in your organization.

There are two categories of insights that are commonly applied in data science. Distinguishing the difference between actionable insights and meaningful insights can be useful various business scenarios in your organization.

1. Meaningful Insights

Meaningful insights from social media data or other datasets are information that provides sufficient level of depth to understand the key events that took place – example: event triggers and the root-cause(s) behind those events.

The ability to collate, amalgamate and summarize key events or trends that are meaningful to the brand or issues that you are managing are essential in order to provide top management and decision makers a Mutually-Exhaustive-Completely-Exhaustive (MECE) set of information to making further actions.

2. Actionable Insights

Actionable insights are meaningful insights which you can act upon from a set of raw data or processed information – either for strategic or operational reason. In simple term, it transforms meaningful insights into executable actions (or steps) that can be placed as part of an immediate action plan or a medium-to-long term strategy.

The key to actionable insights is not providing more information, or more data – but simplifying the process of analyzing existing information (from raw data) into laser-sharp actions that are anchored strongly on the business objectives or aspired goals.

Advantages of Improved Insights

One of the key advantages of having a constant flow of reliable data from processed information is to ensure focus, clarity and direction are firmly in place when performing your activities. In fact, getting derailed often when you are overwhelmed with other concurrent tasks usually goes unnoticed.

With a decade of experience managing millions of conversations and posts on social media, we help you to declutter and prioritize your areas of focus using our best in class methodologies and technologies.  

Although technology is one part of the equation, having skilled resources who are equipped with domain knowledge is often a great challenge due to manpower and hiring constraints.

We deliver the best from our team of analysts and domain experts with unbiased analysis to establish a clearer picture of the situation or the extent of the reputation damage. This analysis can be performed alongside with other data sets if necessary.

A superior insight comes in handy with recommendations, and is inclusive, as part of our bespoke services to you.

Bringing Actions To Life

Actions from data-driven insights (whether it is meaningful or actionable) are closely linked to the desired business objectives.

Here are some top actions that companies will take based on our past experience:

To perform scenario risk plan to manage multiple reputational risks based on long-term trends from social and digital media data.

To drive on-ground operational improvements to increase customer experience and reduce complaints.

To reduce Cost-To-Acquire-Customer (CAC) from digital marketing activities through hyper-localized micro-targetted campaigns.

Therefore, it is imperative for companies to define clear business objectives before embarking on data analytics from social media or other datasets. With an end in mind and clear outcome based KPIs, we place strong emphasis on developing on a blueprint in all our client engagements to achieve any of the business objectives that they aspire.

Discover more value from social media monitoring and data analytics.

As communications in the digital world are getting more complex with millions of conversation in social platforms,  there are values to be unlocked when you begin with the right steps. We uncover more insights than your conventional tools or existing processes.

Drop us a note and we are more than happy to assist.