Campaign Strategy & Execution

Captivate. Influence. Retain

A micro-targetted campaign is data-driven

Regardless your goals, one-size-fits all campaign is history. Unleashing the power of data science enables micro-targetted communication strategies to influence your targeted audience in order to achieve extraordinary results.

Maximize your campaign execution using our unique 3-pronged approach.

Extraordinary Results Begin with Clear Objectives

Our approach begins with understanding your goals and the results you aspire. We utilize data-driven methodologies, mathematical and surgical approaches to drive extraordinary results for companies and brands with minimal investment.

Accelerate Brand Awareness

Improve Customer Experience

Driving Conversion and Sales

Managing Corporate Reputation

Influencing Behaviour and Actions

Optimizing Campaign Resources

Reach and Influence Your Audience

Reaching and influencing your target audience demands a targetted data-driven approach.

Maximize Returns With Micro-Targetted Campaigns

Our decades of experience with global brands and marketing agencies have resulted in proven and measurable results from digital campaigns. Maximize your resources and advertising budget. 

Gain more from user engagement

Our hyper-localized targetted campaigns bring more results than one-size-fits-all approach.

per cent

more clicks

per cent

higher engagement

per cent

more cost effective

A Data-Driven Campaign is Backed By Science

The essence of a successful micro-targeted campaign contains the right content to reach the right target audience via the right platforms. Some believe this is an art rather than science. Proven results are achieved using scientific-backed data-driven strategies.

Push the boundaries of micro-targetting

Gain higher cost efficiency and effectiveness from your social media marketing campaigns.

Demographics Only

The traditional approach pushes one-size-fits-all content and messaging based on demographics consideration.

Probability of Purchasing a Product
Cost Efficiency & Effectiveness
Low to Medium

Demographics &
Psychographics Targetting

The micro-targeted approach deploys demographics and psychographics ensuring better returns from campaigns.

Probability of Purchasing a Product
Cost Efficiency & Effectiveness

Understand what motivates your target audience.

In a highly competitive landscape, price from promotional content can be one of primary factors for people to purchase your product. But there are other Reasons-To-Believe (RTB) factors and much of it links closely to how our brain processes the information. Find out what motivates your target audience using the most advanced psychological motivators to achieve better engagement and sales conversion.

Key features

Our micro-targetted campaign features bring distinct advantages to your existing campaigns. 

100% Data-driven

We adopt data-driven in every campaign execution – from pre-planning to post-campaign report. Begin by establishing a baseline from your existing and past campaigns using multiple datasets and performance matrices. Extraordinary results can only be driven by a clear set of output and outcome-based targets. Let us achieve the best results from your campaigns.

Proven scientific approach

Applying neuroscience can cause significant and measurable behaviour change. We develop bespoke messages using narratives that are developed from data points derived from your target audience analysis and/or past campaigns data. Our 3-pronged execution framework will ensure clarity and focus.

Psychographics and demographics targeting

Move beyond demographics into a combination of psychographics targeting. Our experience dealing with millions of campaign data, social media data and census data provide superior campaign output performance by analyzing correlations in consumer behaviour.  

Geo-location targeting

Drive more foot-falls and actual visits to your showrooms or events using geo-location based targetting campaign strategy. Our partnership with Google have yielded positive results in sales conversion and brand affinity.

Income-household targeting

Increase consumer’s probability and propensity of purchasing your brand based on district-level targetting based on income-household and proprietary. Target to those who can afford to purchase your brand and start recording instant sales.

Creative Flexibility & Optimization

As a rule of thumb, 30 per cent of total advertising and marketing budget is allocated on content production. We partner alongside with your existing creative team or agencies to maximize user engagement and generate more leads. Reduce campaign risks and let our data analysts optimize the remaining 70 per cent of your digital media budget.

Optimize Your Social Media Assets.
And Save.

Deliver the most cost effective engagements through your social media assets. From social media account management to digital advertising campaigns, we optimise your resources to deliver expected targets. We execute and let you save.

Predict Consumer Behaviour.
Then Act.

Predict consumer purchasing behaviour or measure consumer confidence level through social data, sales data and other data sets. This is a fresh approach that allows companies and organisations to monitor and perform proactive measures.

Measure Consumer Satisfaction.
And Smile.

Analyse consumer satisfaction through social analytics after your campaign ends. We deliver insightful reports and analysis using large social media sampling. This is a cost effective method to assess your campaign effectiveness, or to complement the traditional questionnaire based survey method.

Measure Perception.
It is the New Reality.

Perception towards a brand or product should be measured consistently. Our team of data analysts will provide weekly, daily or monthly insights to you. Our sentiment algorithm engine can predict with a high degree of accuracy conversations in multiple domains and in unique situations (e.g.: dual language, dialects, nuances).

Discover more value from your campaigns.

As communications in the digital world are getting more complex with millions of conversation in social platforms,  there are values to be unlocked when you begin with the right steps. 

Drop us a note and we are more than happy to assist.