Manage Reputational Risks
Using Social Analytics.

Our bespoke risk management tools and predictive analytics on sentiment and emotion enable companies to measure public perception and gauge sentiments toward a specific topic of interest, products or services. We deploy tried-and-tested methods and systems to quantify the risk level derived from the traditional risk management matrix.

Go Beyond Software

Limitations on Software Monitoring Tools

The growing dependency on social-media monitoring software brings higher risk exposure to end-users when meeting the organization’s expectations for greater sentiment accuracy. With challenges on local dialects in multiple languages, sentiment accuracy for most off-the-shelf monitoring tools are between 40-60%

As you aspire to automate most of your tasks, standalone software can increase the risks of making the wrong decisions.  Quantifying risks based on the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) requires more than a tool. We help you to achieve that.

Manage Your Reputation Risks Using Social Data

Identify Risks

We help you to dissect and identify reputation risks from other parts of the organization. Most of the communication crisis originates from operational, financial or product risks. Manage expectations through early identification and containment strategy.

Monitor Risks

We monitor reputation risks on your behalf by providing unbiased analysis to C-suites based on multiple data points from social media that are relevant to your business and operations. Adopt our risk management matrix and avoid data misrepresentation to obtain better insights from the proven ERM model.

Mitigate Risks

With our regular daily, weekly, monthly monitoring and analysis reports, you can mitigate risks before it snowballs. We have experience in managing operational risks before it becomes a communication crisis. Take actions before it happens.

Continuous Monitoring & Analysis

Minimize your risks further by enhancing your existing monitoring capabilities. Uncover more value by centralizing your social monitoring activities to benefit other parts of your organization. Free up your resources to focus on things that matter.

Custom Reputation Risk Matrix

We work with you to develop a custom reputation risk matrix that is tailor-made to suit your organization’s needs. This enables you to track various risks from topics identified in social media platforms.

Managing Reputation Risks Is Made Possible with Accurate Sentiment

Almost 90% of text analytics tools out there have the predictive accuracy of under 50%. The text analytics industry has been around for years, yet sees little improvement. We provide a pragmatic solution with 79% accuracy using our proprietary sentiment algorithm engine.

75% of the global internet users use their native language.

Language shapes the way we think. People converse in different dialects with a combination of more than one language. This is apparent in social media and other platforms. We assist you in analyzing sentiment more accurately through our proprietary text algorithm engine SENTIROBO®

Emotion Drives Behaviour.
Get To Know Your Audience Better

Emotion shapes and drives our actions. 90% of our decisions are subconscious. Our emotion text algorithm engine EMOROBO® enables you to measure emotions from social media data more accurately. Highly customizable and supporting local dialects in multiple languages. Act now.

Manage Your Future Risks

As communications in the digital world are getting more complex, there is no reason to panic. Regardless of your business or corporate communication objectives, there are values to be unlocked when you begin with the right steps.

Drop us a note and we are more than happy to assist.