Manage Reputational Risks
Using Social Analytics.

Our bespoke risk management tools and predictive analytics on sentiment and emotion enable companies to measure public perception and gauge sentiments toward a specific topic of interest, products or services. We deploy tried-and-tested methods and systems to quantify the risk level derived from the traditional risk management matrix.

Emotion Drives Behaviour.
Listen, Analyse & Act.

Emotion is the single biggest determinant of human behaviour. 90% of our decisions are subconscious (emotional). Our emotion analytics capability allows you to measure emotions from social media data using Ekman’s universally accepted emotional categories.

Predict Public Perception. Accurately.

Almost 90% of text analytics tools out there have the predictive accuracy of under 50%. The text analytics industry has been around for years, yet sees little improvement. We provide a pragmatic solution with 79% accuracy using our proprietary sentiment algorithm engine.

Dual Language Sentiment Analysis

In most countries, people converse in different dialects with a combination of more than one language. Sometimes we even see this in a single social media post. Our sentiment engine can and has analysed sentiments in dual languages across millions of social data.