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Berkshire Media is a fast-growing data analytics and digital media marketing firm that transforms companies through data-driven strategies. 

We have grown our reputation in improving lives through knowledge, insights and actions for many large organizations. By combining the best in technology, people and processes, our data-driven approach enables companies to transform data into actionable insights and actions.

We manage corporate reputation and risks, optimize campaign resources, improve customer experience and execute micro-targeted campaigns to deliver extraordinary results for large and small companies.

Our best diagnostics and predictive analytics technologies and processes enable transformational insights for corporations, advertising or branding agencies, communication and corporate strategists or planners as well as campaign managers. 

We operate in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and served a wide range of clients as far as Australia, Kazakhstan, Tanzania and others; reaching across multiple industries such as healthcare, public sector, telecommunications, education, oil and gas, public infrastructure, pension fund and consumer goods.

Data > Information > Insights

There is no single technology that can provide you the best insights. We aim to turn data into actionable insights.

Insights that are actionable and meaningful to you.


Raw data such as social media is generally filled with noise. For every datasets that you extract, we found at least 50-70% data which are not relevant to organizations / brand / product that you are tracking. Raw data is meaningless unless it is cleaned and processed.


Level of Insights


Information that you view on softwares or dashboards (in the form of charts,etc) is based on processed data.  How can you trust the processed data if it is not audited and cleaned? Avoid misleading information through data cleaning for greater accuracy.


Level of Insights


Insights are derived from processed data (information + industry insights + experience). Avoid pitfalls from relying on too much on hard numbers . Observe trends and develop new matrices to assess reputation risks and other meaningful insights.


Level of Insights

Serving a wide range of business areas

& Marketing

Corporate Communications

Customer Experience
& Feedback

Strategy, Policy
& Research

Insights Drive Actions

We Begin With End in Mind

Extraordinary results using data-driven approaches are anchored by clear objectives and end goals. 

Accelerate Brand Awareness

Go beyond vanity metrics such as impression and reach. There are other indicators that are useful to measure brand awareness and loyalty. We declutter your thoughts to focus on meaningful metrices.

Improve Customer Experience

Improve your customer experience before it begins to escalate. Discover a more efficient and holistic approach to measure customer experience from social media data. We begin by mapping datasets into customer touch-points with regular sentiment monitoring using our proprietary text algorithm SENTIROBO®

Driving Conversion and Sales

Online and offline sales are closely correlated. Use data-driven insights from multiple channels to uncover new target audiences and narratives that can be used to generate sales. And we never disclose that trick openly to anyone.

Managing Corporate Reputation

Reputation risks require a robust tool to quantify and measure. Our bespoke reputation risk matrix allows organization to measure reputation risks from social media conversation based on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) standards.

Influencing Behaviour and Actions

Emotions greatly influence and, in many cases, even determine our decisions. Narratives can be formed to engage consumers and create an emotional connection with the brand. We start by measuring the emotions using our proprietary text algorithm engines  EMOROBO® and SENTIROBO®

Optimizing Campaign Resources

Most often than not, traditional creative-led agencies are not well equipped to optimize campaign resources to deliver the desired returns. We ensure the highest Return of Investment (ROI) from your campaigns.

What We Believe Matters.

What we believe drives exceptional results that you need. We believe organizations can be transformed using data-driven strategies through extraordinary science, extraordinary insights and extraordinary results.

Our data-driven approach enables companies to gain the most actionable insights and result oriented actions in managing corporate reputation and risks, optimize campaign resources, improving customer experience, adopt behaviour based micro-targeted campaigns, managing economic risks and other applications.

We integrate technology driven approaches to assist corporations, advertising or branding agencies, communication and corporate strategists or planners as well as campaign managers to gain results beyond expectations.

Our unique value proposition and with years of experience in communication, science and technology, our long term partnership with our clients has helped them grow and achieve the desired results.

A glimpse of our capabilities...

Manage Corporate Reputation Using Social Data

Our bespoke risk management tools and predictive analytics on sentiment and emotion enable companies to measure public perception and gauge sentiments toward a specific topic of interest, products or services. We deploy tried-and-tested methods and systems to quantify the risk level derived from the traditional risk management matrix.

Data Driven Campaigns.
The future is now.

We transform the industry landscape by leveraging on scientific approaches to address complex communication challenges. Data science and the evolution of computing technology allow cost effective campaigns to be executed yielding real results with measurable outcomes.

Measure Human Emotions from Social Data.

We move beyond sentiment analysis. Analyse human emotions through social analytics after your campaign ends. We deliver insightful reports and analysis using large social media sampling. This is a cost effective method to the traditional questionnaire based survey method.

Measure Perception With Higher Sentiment Accuracy.

 Our sentiment algorithm engine can predict with a high degree of accuracy from conversations in multiple domains including dialects and slangs. Find out our case studies and capabilities.

...and our latest perspectives.

Unsure where to begin?

As communications in the digital world are getting more complex, there is no reason to panic. Regardless of your business or marketing objectives, there are values to be unlocked when you begin with the right steps.

Ideas are free. And we are more than happy to assist. Drop us a note and we are more than happy to assist.