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Berkshire Media exists because we understand the impact of social data analytics to solve business challenges and improve lives.

We are a team of diverse talents from various fields who are bonded by strong values which include being champions for knowledge, insights and action.

Our team strongly believes that truest way to navigate challenges is by combining the best in technology, people and process, and by empowering humanity with data.

Shahid Shayaa
Founder / Managing Director

Shahid Shayaa founded Berkshire Media after spending more than a decade in business strategy and transformation. 

He is instrumental in pushing the boundary of social analytics through data science and data-driven approaches in order to obtain actionable insights for strategic decision makers. A self-taught programmer since he was 14 years of age, Shahid conceptualised and developed the sentiment and emotion text analytics engine SENTIROBO ™ and EMOROBO ™, a proprietary machine learning algorithm that is vital to the formulation of data driven communication campaigns for clients across various industries.

He now advises top leaderships and senior executives on strategic communications for publicly traded companies and the public sector. Shahid holds a First Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering and Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) from the University of Sheffield (UK). He was the recipient of Asia Award 2018 by the CEO Magazine in United Kingdom, Top 40 Under 40 by The Prestige, The Entrepreneur, Astro Awani and other many other media.

His research work and published papers can be viewed here.

Fatin Nadia
Executive Director & Project Director

Fatin leads large scale social data analytics and digital media projects for GLCs, MNCs and the public sector. She currently leads operations, client engagement and project management matters with the Data Analytics & Research Unit and Campaign Strategy & Delivery Unit at Berkshire Media. Fatin graduated from the Curtin University of Technology, Australia.

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